White Mustard Seeds

White mustard seeds

The overall effect of the white mustard seed,naturally regulates the body’s metabolism system. Effective against to the following problems: constipation, hemorrhoids, indigestion, liver and gall, stomach disorders, metabolic disorders, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, and the organization’s self-poisoning arising out of a blood and skin in the form of, acne and  eczema. Active ingredients plays a very big role of the mustard seeds health benefit,it has reducing body fat and the carbohydrate metabolism.  It is increases the bile operation, reduces the blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Study shows it`s a treatment also for fragile nails.Eliminate all the   harmful deposits formed in the body through the intestinal tract and the composition of the blood.These deposites are the cause of many health problem.  .Use it as a cure: 3 times a day before meals with one level teaspoon mustard seeds should be swallowed without chewing,with  a cup of  water./Throughout 6-8 weeks/

Rheumatism: take bath with, 100-200 grams of crushed or ground mustard seed put it in a linen bag and hanging in the tub. It is also very effective for respiration and circulation of vital centers.  We can make our own patch for Pneumonia on chest. Mixing a quart of warm water  with 3 teaspoons of crushed seeds, wrapp it around the chest for 5 minutes .

Rheumatism Patch: powder the mustard seeds,  mix it with vinegar 15 to 30 minutes and put it, at the painful parts of the body. 3-5 times. May be repeated daily as needed.

Mustard leaves are exxellent for salad.You can create your own homemade mustard as well. Powdered, oil-free mustard, vinegar, pepper, cloves, tarragon and onion mixture to a better taste.

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