Walnuts & Walnuts Leaves Cures All

Walnuts leaves cures many health problems!Stone seeds are very valuable. It contains unsaturated vegetable oils and proteins. The walnut is beneficial for anemia. Walnut tea made of walnut leaves purifies the blood, promote healthy digestion system and has an anthelmintic effect. Boil 1 to 2 grams/tbs/. of walnuts leaves in half a liter/quart/ of water,/ 2 minutes boiling time/. Strain it than in the morning instead of coffee, drink it sweetened with honey. Bathing in the tea or simple washing and compresses can be recommended for malignant tumors, skin rashes, eye infection and rheumatism,hemorrhoids,very good for gargle against sore throat. The walnut has an excellent effect on bile and kidney stone. To work on this, 200 grams half a pound/ of walnuts bake it to crispy in a tbsp hot vegetable oil/stir it often to prevent burn/, cool it down and pulverize it. Use it twice daily before breakfast and after dinner. The powder is also great for stones in the urinary system and the premature ejaculation. (Chinese medicinal recipe) The still immature, soft-shelled fruit consumption lowers blood cholesterol levels. (Green Walnut) The leaves shall be collected when the fruit has just about half way ripened. The tea leaves catarrh, high blood pressure and kills the intestinal worms. The crushed leaves also cure skin rashes and keeps away insects. The crushed walnuts, onion with honey mixed shooting bruises and prevent swelling. Fleshy outer hull of the walnut crop, at harvest should be gathered and sun-dried. Only the healthy shells are usable. Used as tea internally for sweating, gastroenteritis, as alternative and preventing a good appetite. Rub the eczema skin 2-3 times a day with the fresh soft shell. It is highly recommended for vasoconstriction. In fact, the walnut shells are used, as well. Boil five or six finely crushed nut shells 6-7 minutes a liter 2 pint of water. Drink it instead of water when you have a cold, as it is.

IMPORTANT:The Walnuts Leaves Tea should be consumed for 6 weeks /either dry or fresh leaves could be used/ and take 6 weeks break after!!!!!!!!!!!!

Walnut beneficial ingredients:
Naphthoquinone derivatives (juglont), tannins (ellagic acid derivatives), flavonoids, essential oils, bitter substances, tannin, C, Vitamin
inositol, B1, B2, B6, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, manganese.

The nuts can be used for medicinal purposes consists of:

Leaves, fruits fleshy husk, crop separating husks, nut shells.


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