Violets As Edible Flowers

All violets, including garden varieties pansies are edible. Most leaves are tender and sweet and makes an excellent salad. They can also be cooked.
They are rich in vitamin A and C/half a cup/can be equivalent with 4 oranges. Some contains salicylic acid like aspirin. The flowers have significant amount of rutin, a compound which strengthens the capillary blood vessels.
Violet plants has a laxative effect.They have been used to make medicinal teas for treating bronchitis, asthma ,heart palpitation and fevers.
Syrups for sore throats and coughs. Lotion for treating bruises rashes, boils and eczema. The early blue violet leaves has a mild hormone regulating action, it has been used to ease the labor.

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Use violets in moderation. Some leaves contain saponin which cause digestive problem in large quantities.

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