Ambrosia Ragweed For Healthy Respetory System

RagweedAmbrosia-Ragweed is a great healer of autoimmune-based diseases. Common Ragweed: Ambrosia artemisiifolia,has been found throughout the United States.The gases emitted by cars, bite off the protective sheaths of pollen, which is under the shield of the pollen in the small thistle-like claws. They are irritating the respiratory mucosa. As long as the shield is on,it will not cause allergies!
We need to go back about 60,80 years of time, the pollen allergy was unknown. The pollen is not dangerous, but useful (valuable food component). Some of the people has been diagnosed as flour sensitive, and yet we do not say that ,the flour is dangerous. Previously, the environment was cleaner and the people were healthier,the food was , more varied,the people were more patient with each other and has not received so much stress, so much electrosmog, such as our days. I would like to think the majority of people with common sense , agreed on that, it is not a viable option, that destroying everything around us, which is booming, every living plants produces pollen. The solution is not to take allergic chemicals, drugs, because they have side effects, which may cause more severe illness than the underlying disease itself.
The healthy diet the most important in our life strengthen our immune system . The average person today’s hurried, hurriedly eating at home, even we are consuming a lot of fast food. Eating fast is very common these days, we do not chew our food well. Consuming produced food contains variety of preservatives, flavor enhancers, enrichment, artificial colors, “nature identical” flavors, emulsifying agents, consuming deep fried, heat processed foods is absolutely not beneficial for our health. Eating industrial foods with these various chemicals changes our immune system, completely bind these substances to combat, and if that is thriving in a ragweed, a willow, a stumbling block types, then it is otherwise useful pollen has been completely disrupt the body (autoimmune reaction).The vaccines has been preserve with a dangerous compound-even infant- called Formaldehyde. This organic compound is responsible for cancer and many other serious life threatening diseases.

It is a cure for arthritis, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, allergies through the universal panacea of everything.
Eat the fresh, tender leaves, and immediately experience the benefit of this great weed (after washing!) Slowly chew it. It has a very bitter taste, however, if consumed regularly,it will help mitigate the damage caused by any vaccine and repairing your immune system.
Eat a little bit every day. I just like to point it out, we need to save these precious weeds, the ragweed deserves it.
Collected in the spring through the autumn in dried form,it has been advised,use it throughout the year, sprinkled on a sandwich or a salad. It cures almost all diseases and disorders in our body,by increasing the body’s production of stem cell.

Ragweed Powder:

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