The raw tomatoesAthens Tomatoes Pictures, Images and Photos blood purifier, reduces hyperemia dissipate, good to eat as much as possible in case of arteriosclerosis . Excellent kidney cleanser, improves blood circulation and heart operation. Preventing a healthy liver function,pain eliminator.In the Summer the tomatoes essential part of blood purification therapies, essential  for women in menopause . The cooked tomato juice makes the blood acid, draw out the minerals from the body tissue, the teeth, the bones/osteoporosis/! In contrast, raw, ripe tomatoes has a  slightly alkalizing effect.  Good source of calcium vitamin C.  Fresh squeezed juice used for eliminating body fat.  Place a tomato slice to get red of some acne.   Warning! Because Solanine content  not everyone can digest raw tomatoes, cut a tomato into slices, sprinkle it with some salt, the formation fluid drained off and can be eaten without danger.

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