Jupiter’s Eye Cures Your Ear Ache

(Sempervivum tectorum) planted on the roof top, to avert the lightning.It is a succulent evergreen perennial whose many common names include Common houseleek,Jove’s beard, Jupiter’s eye, Thor’s beard, St. George’s Beard, Therefore it has received the name thunderbolt flowers, sky devil’s grass. A legend has been told, that it protects against fire, lightning and even witchcraft. It has been installed by Charlemagne on all of the  roof tops in his empire. In folk medicine, the leaves using sap burns, ear infections, warts, insect and nettle stings, shingles, cut wounds. The letters inherent compounds: tannin, mucus substances, fruit acids, flavonoids and vitamin C content of the cosmetics industry today, for example.Substantial uses for cosmetic purposes .In addition to the very significant epithelizing effect has 8 different active ingredients . Known as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects.

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