Sunchokes Root &Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem Artichoke PlanThis plant has no need pesticide, has no disease, and therefore completely pure and chemical-free food.
Jerusalem artichoke is BENEFICIAL for gut flora.

It containing vitamin B1, vitamin B2, C vitamin niacin, beta-carotene and essential amino acid.

Minerals are zinc, potassium and necessary bone building  triumvirate; calcium, as well phosphorus and magnesium  .
The Jerusalem artichoke  contains inulin, a liquid vegetable fiber that cannot be digested by the human body. At the same time serves as useful intestinal bacteria, nutrients, thus restoring the intestinal flora. After treatment with antibiotics it should be consumed due to the prebiotic effect.Jerusalem Artichoke

• People with diabetes are strongly recommended. It contains carbohydrates and it gets  converted to fructose absorption and no need for insulin. A natural sweetener made from it.

• Help your diet because due to the high content of roughage may feel fullness and prevents the absorption of carbohydrates and fats level.

•Significant the colon cancer preventive effect, as it improves the digestive system. Relaxes and increases the weight of the stool, thereby preventing constipation. Reduces the value of fecal Ph, helps the inhibited production of carcinogens.

• Decrease due to the high potassium content of high blood pressure.

• Reduces the risk of developing breast cancer as a cause of this type of cancer, the most toxic form of estrogen eliminated by the effect of inulin,  thereby reconstituting the intestinal flora.

• Beneficial to Cardiovascular Diseases: prevention of cholesterol and triglyceride lowering effects.

The first sweet potato consumption can cause gas formation and diarrhea because of the beneficial effects of beneficial intestinal bacteria overgrowth smaller “civil war” acts harmful intestinal bacteria. You should carefully smaller amount to start to restore the intestinal flora. In that case- intestinal tract cleaned- no longer have any discomfort.

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