Pine Leaves Tea

Pines are trees in the genus Pinus, in the family Pinaceae.
The spiral growth of branches, needles, and cone scales are arranged in Fibonacci number ratios.
Most of all pine is used for medical purposes. Folk medicine also uses spruce-, fir- and larch pine. Herbal tea or syrup made by the young shoots of pine, and immature buds .It could be combined with horseradish as well as a cold remedy.
Some pine buds, shoots and cones are often used for patients with rheumatoid spa, but has leaves, shoots formed brandy extracts cures stomach problems and increases a healthy appetite.
The number of essential oils in pine effect (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, expectorant, stimulate the blood circulation and others), which makes them more efficient respiratory diseases and musculoskeletal problems.
The modern aromatherapy and phytotherapy uses the most numerous type of ( dwarf, pine, fir,) leaves, shoots produced into pine essential oil.

Notorious adventurers and hikers must have already met the pine tea for me a few weeks ago, it was just a surprising novelty. Who would have thought that our Christmas tree after the holidays, can even be consumed in the form of a hot brew.
Preparation is also very simple, because the outdoors is almost unlimited quantities of plants and it can be found for free needle and can be easy way to obtained . The last step is only pour hot water for 5 minutes and soak it with everything! /I do rinse it/ Do not let it get cold because you can dim the pine aroma. The tea preparation is really easy you can use the raw material.Branch and resin into as well.
Significant beneficial effects has been noticed, after one has consuming the tea , dramatically calms the troubled mind,the feeling a few hours almost feels in the peace on the island. In addition helps, cough and cold, also effectively.  Either a  long  Winter nights, or Spring it  should be consumed every day to get back your vitality level.Vitamin C is significant. It could be flavored with honey,agave.Enjoy!

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