Bio-Energy Finger-Hand Massage


Find out how to stimulate the palm of the hand and fingers,  our body map is shown as a fully bio-energetic “blueprint” .Each of the bio-energetics of the body (as well as a foot massage, back massage only), and  it can be down easily during the long office hours, slight pressure is applied,  stimulated energized the body and its surroundings. An efficient and fast method, . When carried out sequentially, with some practice you can develop the real benefit for the body. There are no side effects of the practice, and the hand over time “showing” how energetic you need a massage (if stronger pain at one point, carefully and gently massage into the energy area). Always use your thumb to massage for two minutes continuously pressing the acupressure points bio-energetics, or if it feels better for you use a circular motion around it.Stimulate liver function (or energize the whole body) of a smoothing the hands together fast movements. I look forward to something)…. Similarly, energizing and invigorating effect of applause. During clapping try to sense the flow of energy (and effect), since this energy charge may vary . It is therefore advisable start slow clapping and increase it… (the goal is not to hurt the palm!).

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