Special Lifestyle Coach,Iridology

Special lifestyle coach Regenarative Detoxifier Iridology Specialist. Let me help you find a solution to your problem. Everybody has been searching for a happy, healthy life. Sometimes we have gotten stuck by unwanted situation such as  health . Please,do not hesitate to reach out for help.The iris of the eye show us in detail the genetics,tissue weaknesses  or strenghts ,and the congestive/toxin/ conditions of the body. it shows us obstructions,prolapsed conditions and chemical accumlations. Iridology gives you the map of your health condition in total. Any health condition is totally maintainable with God`s herbs. Herbs are full in vitamins minerals, tissue salts, flavins, amino acids, and sugars.The fundamental principle of Herbal Medicine is the healing power of nature. Herbal Medicine is a system of healing that places emphasis on health and how to promote it, rather than concentrating on disease states and how to suppress them. The vital force is the foundation of Herbalist philosophy and the herbal therapist seeks to create the most favorable conditions to stimulate and enhance this healing power. The vital force, the energy of life, is known by different names – in China it is Ch’i or Qi; it is Ki in Japan and Prana in India.

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