Dandelion Flower Cleans Your Liver

Dandelion physiological and therapeutic effects:
■ Liver and gall bladder:
■ tea has used to treat gallbladder and liver problems.
Root is used for centuries of severe liver dysfunction like against jaundice.
■ High concentrations of bitter substances to very good cholagogue, clean the ducts, and the hormone of gall bladder the residue of the gall bladder removed from the body. The plant is suitable for application to prevent the formation of gallstones.

Used in combination with other herbs (milk thistle, St. John’s wort) are effective route of administration of hepatitis-B,-C treatment.
■ Nerves
■ The dandelion flower is one of the richest sources of lecithin. Lecithin increases the brain concentration of acetylcholine, which affects memory.
■ The plant material laktucin laktukapikrin bitter compounds decompose, which is an excellent calming effect.
■ Kidney problems:
■ The Dandelion strong diuretic agent is removed from the body of excess water causing edema large part of the bladder infections and promotes healing.
■ The letter diuretic, kidneys regulates important medicinal and building materials, which are the treatment of metabolic diseases is very important.
■ Excellent and can be use as a fluid retention and renal insufficiency.
■ Joint problems:

Proposed use of the plant rheumatic pain, chronic arthritis and gout, both internally (tincture), and externally in the form of poultice.
■ Gastrointestinal:

It strengthens the pancreas and spleen.

Aids digestion, improves the functioning of the stomach.

■ Cardiovascular system:

In folk medicine, dandelion is used blood, detoxification.

Regulatory effect of blood glucose, it is likely to be due to the plant high content of inulin. Insulin is a polysaccharide fiber, long-chain repeating fructose molecules and prevents blood sugar fluctuations.

Adding more applications:

In folk medicine, the widely use of dandelion milk sap of the plant .The proteolytic enzymes, is softening the warts and preventing the virus from reproducing.

Fresh young leaves of salad can be made even before flowering and grill on the roots; it is also used as a coffee substitute.

In veterinary medicine the leaves are used to increase lactation,

The leaves of the dandelion also stimulates the production of carbohydrate-degrading enzymes, so your body will be less prone to be stored as fat.

Reduce pre-menstrual breast pain is a symptom of high estrogen levels.


Bile obstruction of caution and medical consultation required!

Do not take dandelion under bilious attack. In such cases, seek medical attention!

Dandelion as herbal Synergists (with other herbs to effectively use:
■ Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
■ Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)
■ Grass Goldenrod (Solidago virguarea)
■ St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)
■ Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

Dandelion flower flying hairy.

The plant has no known harmful side effects, so you are pregnant or breast-feeding women can feel free to take it!

The medicinal use of dandelion asks your doctor for accurate diagnosis of a qualified physician task!


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