Apple & Apple Cider Vinager

The apple cures gout, obesity, also recommended in kidney and urinary diseases. Consuming apples as a cure eat at least (50 to 150 ounces) per day.

• The fresh apple juice (cider) soft drink, increased secretion, fever, inflammation, hoarseness, insomnia, indigestion and gout for help. If the apple juice, gastric pressure, or causes diarrhea, you should immediately discontinue the cure.  • The apple helps releasing inflammatory joint diseases; our ancestors have also used it. A similar effect was observed in homemade cider, clean from worms.

• Do not throw away any resulting apple skin! It can be dried, and drink it as tea. Nutritious, good nerve tonic, and can stuttering child to fix ones immune system and an excellent remedy to keep you from getting overweight. It can be made as apple cider vinegar can be consumed after meal every day. Add 2 tbsp. to a cup of water.

Chinese doctors for centuries in the tree bark are used to treat diabetes. The raw apple constipation, fried or stewed apples if one has a temperature, the cider is offered feverish patient. The apple tree leaves also contain an antibiotic (floretin). If you cut yourself in the orchard, take a few leaves of apple and press it on the wound until washed off and cared. Grate a whole apple with the skin in the evening and eat the grated apple it cleans all the toxins which has been accumulated during the day.  The malic acid, stimulates the appetite, the tongue cleans, the catarrhal cough relief. Daily dose of 1-2 tbsp.  Apple juice cure occasion smoked, highly spiced, pickled foods, not to consume alcohol.

Apple Cider Recipe

6-8 (preferably organic) cob and apple peel

Filtered, chlorine-free water
2 tbsp. honey

Pour in water and stir in the honey. Place a paper towel on top of the glass jar and secure with rubber band. Allow the mixture to soak for 2 weeks, and then filter the liquid.
Pour the liquid back into the bottle and cover it with a paper towel again. Allow it to ferment for another 4 weeks, stirring it daily.



The apple cider vinegar bubbles in the fermentation process in the first week. apple_cider_vinegar_bubbles-300x229





Taste it and decide if the cider is equally acidic.APPLE CIDER VINAGER

If so, pour it into another jar for storage. If you are not yet satisfied allow it to ferment as long you like, but be aware it could also become a vine as well. It is very healthy!



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