Chickweed For Diabetes And More

Some species, including Stellaria media, are used as leaf vegetables, often raw in salads.
Stellaria media is widespread in North America from the Brooks Rank in Alaska to all points south within North America. There are several closely related plants referred to as chickweed, but which lack the culinary and medicinal properties of plants in the genus Stellaria. Plants in the genus Cerastium are very similar in appearance to Stellaria and are in the same family (Carophyllaceae). Stellaria media can be easily distinguished from all other members of this family by examining the stems. Stellaria has fine hairs on only one side of the stem in a single band. Other members of the family Carophyllaceae which resemble Tellurian have hairs uniformly covering the entire stem. This is a favored food of finches and many other seed-eating birds. Chickweed

Versatile herb;Chickweed

Effective remedy against many diseases: helps cramps, arrhythmias, neurosis, peptic ulcer, goiter case. It has been excellent treatment of furuncles, the diathesis, and eczema exacerbation. The plant is used as a laxative and diuretic as well as arthritis, gout, rheumatism, and various injuries. If you have insomnia, obesity, or eye problems /infection/, it is also a good idea to use this humble little plant. Moreover, recent information indicates that it is essential for patients with diabetes in the green kind. Use it regularly in smaller amounts. It has the ability to lower the blood sugar, levels and regulates the entire endocrine system. The chickweed improves the overall metabolism. Because it contains saponin, due to consumption of larger quantities can cause diarrhea, do not consume a lot, but rather as a supplement use it as a spice. However, the effect of cleansing removes toxins, normalizes the liver – and in the future (as a chain reaction) of each internal organ – operates better. It is very important in the case of high cholesterol; to consume it daily will keeps it in balance and maintains a healthy liver. It could also very effective for cyst.

Consumed as spice

Consumption is simple: collect the chickweed daily, wash the leaves under running water and add it to the salad. Simmer, boil, dry, used as a spice. It is worth to collect the young shoots in the Spring, wash it, blot off the moisture and dry. Then grind into powder and place it in a jar. Enter any dish, sprinkle it on sandwiches.


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  1. Chickweed is a wonderful alterative. It contains good amounts of natural calcium. I use it on patients for all heated skin conditions.

  2. Margie says:

    Free Smoothie e-book in .pdf format. Happy blending.

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