Bay Leaf as a Rheumatic Medicine

A lot of people are having trouble with joint pain. Most of the time when weather is changing, our body star to ache and numbness occur. The method described below is part of the general cleaning of the body, which shows a new practice for us. There are many ways to carry out the cleaning of joints. I have already tried out a cleaning. It is sweeping the rheumatism DEPOSITION with the bay leaf. Let`s prepare bay leaf tea as follows. We need 2 ounce of bay leaf and pour 1 and half cup of water. Boil it for 7-10 minutes under cover. Add some boiled water, to make sure you have the cup and half amount at the end,/some water might have been evaporated/.Prepare the bay leaf decoction in the evening. Overnight wrap the pot in blankets, Transfer content to a thermos or a glass bottle/do not use metal/! In the Morning and take a little sips of it during the day and finish it in 12 hours. In 6 hours you get to be in the half way, and then the next 6 hours and the rest of it (approximately every 15 minutes for a sip). At the same time do not drink the whole thing because it may trigger internal bleeding! Animal protein should be avoided during the treatment. Pink urine is possible from the bay leaf during the purification or color can be vary, it is normal. This is going to testify about the dissolution of salts in the body, Do not worry about it, a few days later the urine color will be restored, and the body movement gets easier.

The bay leaf is efficiently and specifically against the Candida species of fungi.

Other usage in the form of tea: Respiratory System: I have already tried out

Expectorant, catarrh solvents, cough, and ear, nose and throat infections.

Rash, muscle pain, furuncle, pustular lesions.

Migraine Headaches. unpleasant symptoms caused by the herpes virus.

Renal failure, diuretic effect. It is also know from as a sedative, therefore used for insomnia.

Good to keep away the cockroaches, sprinkle some grounded bay leaves under the sink or around the place you have noticed the present of these unwanted bugs.

The bay-like herb Synergistic (with other herbs for the effective application):

Flax (Linum usitatissimum) Hemp (Cannabis sativa)  High-nettle (Urtica dioica)

Red Pepper (Capsicum annuum) Black pepper (Piper nigrum)

Last but not least, preparing tasty and delicious meal is the most.

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