Homemade Orange Cleaner

Orange peels. A ton.
Vinegar. Synthetic stuff is fine to use.

1. Fill a glass jar with orange peels. It needn’t be done all at once. Just whenever you eat an orange, put the peels inside the jar.
2. Cover the peels with vinegar. You may want to pack down the peels so less vinegar is needed for this step, but it’s not necessary.
3. Let the vinegar and orange peels sit for a few weeks. The vinegar will take on an orange/golden hue and smell powerfully of oranges.
4. Take the vinegar out of the jar and pour it into a spray bottle, diluting half/half with water.
5. Use with a rag to clean, well, anything! This works well to clean sinks, mirrors, windows, floors, wooden chairs, counters, etc… Sprinkle baking soda on toilets and bathtubs, spray the orange cleaner, it will work.
Feel happy knowing that you’ve got a really powerful

You can also make this with tangerine or clementine peels. I made mine with a mixture of orange and clementine peels.
Best of all- this is made with something that you’d otherwise be throwing out!

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