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Consuming organic food especially row vegetable,and fruit provides healthy lifestyle and a balanced earth.You are what you eat,your body is a temple of your soul.

Greencity Shop is designed to advice you to live a long healthy life. Avoiding health hazardous food equipment’s like microwave. In addition, we provide insight into the organic plants, as well as information for our readers natural, chemical-free cleaning techniques and chemical-free cleaning products.Special lifestyle coach and problem-solving trainer in all areas in life,adults and children. All health problems are curable with a healthy diet, you just have find a right one for yourself. Body will rejuvanate with the right diet and herbs.I alternative medicine use herbs and diet advice for thousands of years.Western medicine only 130 years old.Investigate and find a wright solution for your-self. Advice about herbs.It is also very important how and where do you store your food. Do not let to direct contact with aluminum and do not store your food in it. This metal can cause so many mental health issues. Regular plastic just as bad,especially after 20 Celsius or 70 Fahrenheit. The poisonous ingredients leeks into your food-drink.
The site is kindly provides healthy eating habits and guidance to the various wild medicinal plants wich can be used as a remedy and has been forgotten.
Many of them all around us and we do not even notice them. We are very lucky to live in a beautiful planet like the Earth.
Valuable information on the phosphate-free cleaning and making your laundry more bright. These projects are not difficult,although we need to change a bit of our daily habits, A little change like that, will protect and clear our environment in order to raise healthy children. It is very important to your health to use always clean purified water.
Books and blogs about organic gardening. How to use onions,to prevent yourself form flu and cold. We would like point out the side effects consuming the genetically modified vegetables and fruit.


Healthy for you…Good for the planet….

 Natural Antibiotic

Natural Antibiotic

Organic and natural grocery is the largest growing sector in the food industry today.

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